As the hair is being removed from the root there may be slight discomfort. Our highly skilled waxing specialists combined with our top-quality waxing system by Lycon will make the wax as painless as we can for you.

The couple of days before your wax, lightly exfoliate the area. On the day of your wax do not moisturise or apply deodorants to the area & wear loose, comfortable clothes to your waxing appointment. It is best to wear cotton underwear to your appointment if you are getting your bikini line waxed.

Our motto is – ‘The longer the better’.

In order to get as smooth a wax as possible the hair should be at least the length of a grain of rice, so, no shaving or trimming the hair in the weeks coming up to your appointment.

For best results return every 4-5 weeks for your waxing appointment. Once you have been waxed a few times in a row the hair begins to weaken, so each time it becomes a lot more comfortable.  We offer maintenance pricing if you rebook every 5 weeks, great value!

Yes, absolutely, we would just ask you to change your tampon before your appointment & freshen up with the wipe provided.

There is no problem being waxed while pregnant (unless your doctor has advised otherwise). You may have a bit more sensitivity due to the increased blood flow. Just let your therapist know and they will make the wax as comfortable as possible for you.

A Hollywood wax leaves you completely bare, all the pubic hair is removed. A Brazilian wax removes all the hair from the labia (lips) and the bum but leaves a ‘landing’ strip or small triangle on the top.